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Horoscope: Astrology forecast for the week ahead - what do your horoscopes reveal? Organized religion is out, astrology is in - The Nevada Sagebrush.

Cancer Weekly Astrology Horoscope 7th October 2019

How does astrologer Chani Nicholas do her job? Star signs, horoscopes: Are you making the biggest astrology mistake? Celebrity astrologer reveals star sign most likely to become a millionaire - Daily Mail.

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Where should you travel next, according to your zodiac sign? Daily Mail. Chesapeake Planetarium presenting program on astrology and astronomy - Virginian-Pilot. He now shares his knowledge in his daily, weekly and monthly forecasts. Britain is his home and his horoscopes are viewed globally. As a metaphysical consultant for over 30 years, Susyn Blair-Hunt is internationally known for her astrological and psychic readings, channeling, metaphysical advice columns and articles, published books and radio appearances.

Tim Stephens home is in BC and has been writing horoscope columns for newspapers since Tim considers himself an astrologer with a physic gift. In addition to his weekly horoscopes Tim includes a preamble that covers anything from planetary positions and their effect on the world to how these aspects impact politics and government. Stephanie Azaria is a highly respected astrologer who works with the symbols and power of astrology in unprecedented ways.

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She developed her natural talent for channeling the higher perspective over the past forty plus years and she has studied the science of Astrology with some of the greatest minds in the field, including Martin Schulman and Michael Lutin. Mark Husson is the founder of the 12 line of websites with the astrology site being one of them. Jessica Lanyadoo is an internationally respected astrologer whose home is in San Francisco.

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Her horoscopes are just one of her gifts. She also is a medium and has been involved in Tarot since He draws upon his talents as a writer, poet and musician to create a personal and optimistic style in writing his columns. Penny Thornton is a writer and astrologer with a world wide following. In addition to her books and horoscope columns she was the personal astrologer for Princess Diana for six years.

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Gathering only the influences you want, and shedding the rest.

Work and money. Luck and fitness. Aries: this year for you is quite complicated with the squares of Jupiter and Saturn and even Mars from June in your sky can bring a lot of nervousness that can create complications at the family and sentimental level. Work becomes difficult and expenses increase.

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Taurus: the chances of reacting to life are more concrete now and these months are really very important for the work that finally produces excellent successes and even at the economic level it is possible to manage the portfolio and earn more money. Love also returns to be more engaging. Gemini: this year is not very interesting for you and indeed, in some moments it can be very complicated in terms of health but especially in economic terms with difficulties in the financial sector but also in interpersonal relationships and in the family. Very monotonous love. Cancer: terrible astral configuration that allows for various catastrophes at family, work, economic and sentimental levels.

Jupiter and Saturn that are in opposition also to the ascendant can procure many problems not easy to solve.

Astrology and Cancers

Better to stay still and not to take risky steps. Leo: in these months the professional situation does not run any risk but at the sentimental level you have to be very careful when the new passage of Saturn can create complications at the end of the year. Unfortunately, since June Mars is in trine to your ascendant and the energies can be recovered but also the nervousness increases. Virgo: excellent astral configuration that makes it slightly less heavy the passage of Jupiter and Saturn and create good situations professionally and economically.

Only love can be difficult to manage and the sentimental situation can get worse with the arrival of Mars in quadrature from June. Libra: this period is not easy to manage for you with the quadrature of Jupiter and Saturn ascending that can create various sentimental complications but above all work with enormous difficulty in solving problems.

You do not have to invest money and you do not have to carry on unnecessary collaborations. Scorpio: During these months, you can live a very intense phase sentimental level and less intense in love only to see the things that are reversed. Mars you post from June and remains for several months in Aries sign can cause a lot of nervousness and quarrels with your partner.

Sagittarius: the professional life proceeds fairly well considering that the projects that have started in the past year can progress and eventually bring money. The current situation is quite complicated and does not foresee further successes but meanwhile in love the difficulties seem to have disappeared. Capricorn: excellent astral configuration for you that you can experience an amazing year in every sector of your life and you can really satisfy every need in economic terms.

Love very engaging even in terms of sexual adventures but from June things get more complicated.

Aquarius: various difficulties with Saturn that is not your friend and that enters your sky only for some periods and for the end of the year. Meanwhile, some situations can become more stable and some expenses can be overcome without much difficulty but in love you must be very careful at the beginning of a crisis.

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Pisces: this period is excellent for you with Jupiter and Saturn that allow you to recover in love and work with various sentimental and professional meetings that can change your life. The money in your pockets increases and the possibility of being able to manage even the family problems with ease is remarkable.

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