Triple gemini astrology

But NOT this year. This year: I am a finisher! And, I am super energetic most of the time, and especially in the morning! I think I find most conflict with this sign. Astrolabe is one of thousands. Thank you for sharing about astrological chart with us Blair.

The Dark Side of Gemini's Two Faces

Astrology is something that fascinates me without having much understanding of it. One day I hope to get to know what astrology is all about and at least learn to read my own astrology chart with a better understanding. Right now what I seem to like best are all the symbols for without knowing what they mean necessarily. Of course! So awesome. Thanks for the great site Blair. I did my chart and it was very interesting. Explains a lot about my frantic need to multitask at all times though!

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Enjoy your week! Thanks goodness, I found your blog and was able to settle the dust about rising and moon sign today finally.

I did a chart and studied in more than two-three places after here and now I have got the complete picture of who exactly I am and what I need to do know. A revelation to me in a way. I have been studying zodiacs and horros for quite a while, but was actually only looking at the sun sign only. Now figuring about the moon and ascendant signs has given me a closure big tym.

Thanks a ton!

What Will My Natal Chart Tell Me?

Hey Aksh! I just love the insight it gives. I so love that you shared yours! I can relate to all of those signs very well. I appreciate your kind words and support — hope to chat more soon!

You love the external, kaleidoscopic aspects of life, but you tend to avoid and even fear deep, close emotional involvements. Chatty, inquisitive and quite playful, you enjoy practical jokes and games in general. Your moods change quickly and often — you are very restless and constantly in motion. You are known for your versatility and adaptability.

Your vivaciousness enlivens any social gathering. So VERY true. Rising sign- Cancer- Very sensitive by nature, you prefer to be in your own familiar surroundings.

Gay Gemini Astrology Profile

Cautious and conservative, you make changes in your life only very slowly, if at all. You do not open up easily to strangers. Friendships are made for life, however — once given, your trust is forever. Your mother, your home as a child and your early family life in general are very important to you.

You are also very sentimental. When you feel self- confident, you are gentle, giving and protective of the needs of others. But when you feel insecure or threatened, you become overly sensitive to criticism, shy, withdrawn and moody. Gemini's evil twin polarity is dark side Sagittarius , similarly tricky and emotionally reckless but does it with a smile. Mercury is Gemini's ruler, so messages and perceptual tricks are its medium.

This air sign flies down life's highway with the mental top down, which means constant change. Geminis plays with reality, sometimes hurting others, knowingly or not. Their minds can hold two opinions, seemingly contradictory, at the same time. This trait is useful when considering the paradoxical nature of life, but when walking on the dark side, Geminis appear untrustworthy.

It's the snarky, cutting remark that's so funny you have to laugh. A dark side Gemini can poison the well of a workplace or clique of friends by talking behind someone else's back. Dorothy is open with wide eyed wonderment, the girl next door Gemini but she is subconsciously drawn to life beyond the rainbow and because of this desire for expansion she is propelled to a far off land Sagittarius Moon where she is exploring new friends in a playful way Gemini but coming into contact with a new world view Sag moon.

The lost little girl in a far off land trying to find her way home. This character is a metaphor for Judy Garland's entire life, and we go into this and more, on this incredible chart analysis of Judy Garland!