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Lucky Directions: Southeast, Northeast. Unlucky Things Unlucky Numbers: 5, 9.

Astro Predictions :

Weekly Monthly You have flat fortune this week. In terms of work, you will usher in some challenges, and some professionals may have an idea of changing jobs and will be interested in finding other companies that are more suitable for them. In terms of financial fortune, although it's not as strong as that of last week in the first half of this week, it will be well in the second half of the week. In love aspect, you male rats have no shortage of peach blossoms, while you female rats have weakened peach blossoms this week.

Worst Months: April, July, September. Lucky Number: 7, Rat are only blessed by two auspicious stars yet affected by several inauspicious stars in , so your overall luck will bode bad rather than good. You will have good career development and the auspicious star could help you turn calamities into blessings when you are in trouble.

However, you may suffer financial losses in the year. Chinese zodiac. Cat Rabbit. Sheep Goat. Sheep Goat Wild Boar Pig. Water buffalo Ox Cat Rabbit.

Money and Career

Turtle Monkey. Turtle Rabbit Mousedeer Monkey or Pig. Elephant Pig. In contacts with strangers, however, they are a very keen observer and immediately notices their shortcomings. They are progressively disposed — they are quick to adopt new ideas and strive for progress and utilization of latest methods in every line of work, be it intellectual, artistic or purely practical.

March 28 Zodiac

In more developed individuals, the willingness to fight transforms into exceptionally inquisitive intellect — a dangerous fencer on the field of thoughts. Their industriousness, eagerness and expansion go in many dire ctions in their life — but they always follow the lines of governing others, subjecting them to their will, standing at the front. They find a possibility to face the adversity and conquer it most pleasing.

They challenge the opposition — to prove their skills. Uncontrollable, impulsive, restless, turbulent — often vengeful. They are quick to explode with anger and cause confusion around themselves. They often stand up against commonly accepted beliefs and disturb their surroundings.